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Bluebird (Ramin Karimloo featured in recording)  Post [1]

So, I stumbled across a rather awesome musical titled "Bluebird". It's about a nurse, Roberta Jones (Sarah Lark), whose husband, Pete Jones (Stephen Weller), must go off to war because it's World War II, London is being bombed, and they have started drafting all the able-bodied men. Robert Jones also has to send her daughter, Beth (Jess Welling), out to the countryside because of a mandatory evacuation involving all of the children of the London. Roberta finds herself caring for an american patient by the name of Ben Breagan (Ramin Karimloo). As the war endures Roberta and her husband exchange passionate love letters. But Ben and Roberta find themselves growing closer and perhaps falling in love while Roberta's husband is away at war.

Why not forget about being normal and live for him?
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