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Hello and welcome to the forum.
Yes we are still alive but hardly anyone seems to be posting which is really sad but hopefully life will once again rain.

Now onto your questions:
1) Roses, roses are like money on the forum and mostly belong to the role playing side of things here. They are used to pay for characters houses and getting into certain events (that we once used to have)
More can be found here:

2) Ranks: I am unsure of what they are but if I remember correctly your rank will change as you post/become more active/ if you become a member of staff OR if you give money to the forum.

3) Bio's: Pending on WHERE this part is it could once again be talking about your characters on the forum (if you have any) or yourself. My advice is to have a look at some of the other members pages and see how they have done theirs.

Of course if you need any help feel free to ask.

I hope that this helped and to see you around the forum.

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