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Melody, I agree with you that Daroga is suspicious of the shah's actions and comments that Erik is going to be punished. But no more comes of it once the girl comes into the story. Daroga relates that the odalisque is the greatest gift that can be bestowed upon a favored servant.

I can't speak for anyone else, but when I read that passage, it sounded to me like Daroga was very sincere in his belief that the girl was a great gift. Whatever suspicions or unease he had earlier must have disappeared because he never speaks about them again. In fact, he seems sincere in his surprise that Erik wouldn't accept the shah's gift. If he was suspicious, that would seem to me to be the time to share his suspicions with Erik.

It's hard to say what frightened the girl, but I actually think it was Erik's presence and his voice, similar to the experience Daroga had when they first met. Erik may have taken this encounter a few steps further. He removes the girl's veil, then baits her, adding to her terror by telling her to remove his mask. Then he threatens her with death and the next minute, takes the defensive, surprised and hurt that she would risk death rather than sleep with him. I don't know about anyone else, but this is reminiscent of Daroga's earlier comments about Erik, that he was playing with him, like a cat with a mouse, claws sheathed. Only in this instance, Erik's claws are exposed.

I said earlier that this girl would have been trained to sleep with any type of man, but it's clear Erik is a completely different sort. Maybe she was never trained to deal with a man who's very presence and voice are an experience in terror. She probably doesn't know how to respond to a man who is so adept at mentally playing with people.

Just one more thought. No one condemned the girl to death except Erik himself. Maybe that was the punishment the shah had in mind: Erik's own words would be used against him.
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