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I failed yet again, but I've been busier lately. Sadly, I did not update this, so I lost out on being able to count a number of posts. Here I go again!

Username: MystMoonstruck
Current Date: June 27, 2010
Date in exactly three weeks: July 17, 2010
Current Post Count (counting this one): 4,033
My goal:
50 Posts:

I'm figuring I'll be very lucky to make it to the first goal, but I would love to surpass it!


EDIT July 18: I failed miserably at getting anywhere near my goal, mainly because of the flu hitting our household. Since no one else has posted, I guess I'll place my next try here if that's all right.
Username: MystMoonstruck
Current Date: July 18, 2010
Date in exactly three weeks: August 7, 2010
Current Post Count (counting this one): 4,049
My goal:
50 Posts:

For some reason, I doubt I'll make it past that. I'll settle for 50 for now.

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