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Ashton Greene

The fish tickled her fingers, and she wondered why Lucian wasn’t joining her in putting his hands in the water. It was fun, it was refreshing.

She had noticed that fun and refreshing were two words that perfectly described her recent interactions with Lucian.

“I’m so glad you think so,” Lucian said quietly, still smiling. “I always have a good day when you’re with me.”

She smiled at him, her attention diverted from the fish to Lucian. He seemed completely honest. She wanted to believe him. But he was, after all, a politician. Politicians lied. It was a prerequisite for the job. But she looked him in the eyes, regaining composure. “I feel quite the same way as well, Lucian.”

“Here,” she said, taking his hand, pushing up the sleeve slowly. She could feel his skin below her hands, rising as they were exposed to the cooler air.

She lingered there for a moment, holding his hand in hers before placing it gently into the water with hers. She looked at him, smiling. She wanted him to know that it was okay. Whatever was bothering him, it was okay. She was there with him, with the fish.

She placed her other hand beneath the clear surface of the cool pool and held his hand in hers there. “Who takes care of them I wonder…” She said, not sure if she said that aloud or inwardly.

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