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Verity Ravensdale

"And you'd be right" Cara said softly, stepping closer to the water and pulling Skyla along with her. Verity took a seat before the lake, her eyes tracing the gentle ripples in the water.

"These waters where the road between two worlds almost like The River Styx for the Phantom and Christine alike, maybe even Raoul in his own way. A river of life and death. For the Phantom it was his prison, his hell but also his path to heaven and the angel above, for Christine.... it as a world she never knew but answers she had long riddled over and for Raoul. A living death would he lose his love, or safe her?"

Verity's thoughts flashed back to the Greek myth she had learned long ago, the myth of Hades and Persephone. She recalled the plight of Hades; he lived alone in the cold, dark Underworld with little happiness, if any. An earthquake had drawn him out of his realm, and Aphrodite had taken the opportunity to cause him to become utterly besotted with a young goddess, Persephone. He had then stolen her from the world above, taking her to the Underworld so that she might be his bride, his queen.

The story of Hades and Persephone and that of the Phantom seemed to have a good deal in common. No doubt, the Phantom had had all of the same intentions as the king of the dead. Cara's allusion to the river Styx had been all too appropriate.

She waited for her to continue the story, watching wordlessly as the other woman bent down, dipping a hand into the water.

"No one for years knew for sure if he was truly down here, there were so many places to hide and so few people who knew the truth. No mask, no music sheets. Everything untouched as if no one had ever been down here. But you can feel him; swear you see him mostly when you get to the centre and to his throne. The candle sticks, each lighting his way and yet no fire ever got this far down. You'd think someone would want to make sure that he never returned, but it's like a tomb not even the ancient kings had that."

Verity's eyes narrowed in an attempt to examine further back, looking to see if, perhaps, there was something that she was missing. Cara was right, however; she could feel the presence of the Phantom, hear his voice as it sang an intoxicating melody in her ear.

"But..." She started, interrupting her unbidden reverie. "What happened to him? Did he keep Christine for himself? Did Raoul win her?"

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