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So grab your favourite date -- or drink -- and come to the opera house's annual holiday celebration! The dress code is black tie, and we as usual look forward to you all attending in fine splendor. All characters are invited, and standard Role Playing rules apply.

The event will begin on December 10th, and end on January 10th. If we reach two hundred posts (OOC not included), we will open a bonus RP thread for you to enjoy!

You may RSVP below; posts will be deleted once you are added to the list!

  • James Sawyer
  • Arianne Brodeur
  • Melody Pond
  • Charles Beauregard
  • Arielle Montgomery
  • Scarlett Beaumont
  • Fabian Reece
  • Cara Blaze Andovea
  • Lashell Richards
  • Evea Perry
  • Whimsey Grace
  • Easy "Cat" Tanner
  • Dorian Grayson
  • Golden Hunt

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