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Now finally at the end of the guide comes the example of an RPG post using every aspect mentioned in this thread. If you are confused on what to do this is a perfect example of a good, decent post:

OOC: I will be posting as Meg Giry for an example, pay attention! BIC:

Meg Giry

Meg's long, soft blonde hair flapped in the wind behind her as she gracefully moved from set to set on the old, rickety stage under the direction of her only mother, Madame Giry. Her tiny toes clicked against the wood of the stage, flickering in the glow of the torches on stage lit to cast a glow on the ongoing pseudo-performance for Andre and Firmin.

( Madame Giry ) "Mother, where on earth is Christine? She's late!"

I can't believe she has missed dance practice again, the performance is coming up soon.

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