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Yeah,I've thought about her. It's something to wonder of...I mean,the way Mdm.Giry talks of the Phantom!
But you, being one of those philosopher type people I think and think of different,well,anwsers,I guess.
And I'll tell you one of the things I had thought of when I saw Erik touch christine that night in his lair'' Oh! If he was as sad and lonely and all that how could he touch her like that? Wouldn't he be afraid that chrstine would be repulsed?''
And then I wondered if men can handle not like,y'know and stuff.
I'll just shut up now

L'amour est comme le poison, c'est dangereux

J'espère que vous ne construisez pas tant de murs que vous ne pouvez pas voir quand ils doivent être abaissés
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