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Damon Caffrey

Damon prided himself in his ability to pick up practically any woman he wanted. It had been a skill, like any thing else; honed over time and based very much on trial and error. Sure he’d always had his dashing good looks and an endearing charm about him that had made learning such a trade that much easier but having been a con artist he had developed numerous skills through the choice of profession. First was a sense of self confidence even when you had no idea what you were going to do next. If you acted like it, no one questioned you. It had come in hand as Damon had impersonated important people in different professions across the career spectrum. Yet his favorite would always be an art dealer and collector. Damon had been artistic since he was a child; painting and drawing for as long as he could remember. It hadn’t been the popular things to do in his high school days but he had spent many evenings, standing at the bay window in his parent’s home, painting a sunset or sculpting the bird that made regular visits there. Perhaps if his life had gone differently he would have made a respectable living as an artist, well as respectable of a living as an artist could make. But when his twin sister had been institutionalized and then shot herself in front of him it had motivated him to go into psychology in college. Yet the starving college student life had not been fitting for the luxury seeking Damon. His first semester he had started looking for ways to make extra money and that’s when he realized people would pay a lot of money for art, especially if they thought it had come from a professional. So Damon had started forging paintings, sculptures and sketches and attending his classes less and less. After a summer of successful forgeries and sales Damon lost all desire to return to school.

That fall he got in a little deeper and made connections with people. His name began to get around as someone who was very good at what he did. People came to him for IDs, documents, and all forms of art. A year later he moved to government bonds which he sold for a high price and reaped the benefits. During this time he paraded as an art dealer which was easy enough to fake. It was in that time that he had reconnected with an old flame, Katherine, who had always loved music. He lavished her with concerts at the finest concert halls and they attended numerous outdoor symphonies together. Though Damon couldn’t shake the feeling that she only wanted him for what he could give to her he feel deeply and completely in love with her. Yet she seemed only mildly interested and it was this snubbing that had broken something in Damon caused him to resort to ruining the life of young Russian girl who had saved from being murdered. When Damon had made his escape from LA to New York, where he reestablished himself and reconnected with Katherine once again, he was finally able to break through that wall after proving that he would do any thing for her, even steal some of the most valuable jewels in the world and then pawn their forgeries, so perfect that even the jewelers who inspected them as real. It was then that Katherine had move in with him and Damon had calmed down some. While he still enjoyed the lavish lifestyle he wasn’t conning and doing jobs as frequently as he had been before.

One day an anonymous tip was given to the FBI and they stormed in on Damon eating breakfast alone in his and Kate’s apartment. He went without struggle, already thinking of how he would get away. When Katherine came to visit him and she asked him where his stash of bonds, money, and finer pieces was he lied; telling her that it was in San Diego. While he loved her he didn’t really trust her and had a feeling she might be looking for it. After Damon got out the first time he was found in her apartment, staring out the window and drinking from a wine bottle. It didn’t take him long to get out a second time though, this time dressed as a police officer; and he had gone to his best friend who had been in it with him from the beginning. Mozzy. Out of curiousity the young man had asked Damon about his stash as well; after finding out that Kate had likely gone looking for it. He told his best friend that it was in Miami, near Damon’s vacation home. But unlike Kate, Mozy didn’t leave and the police didn’t come looking for him. Yet Damon was certain that Kate was in trouble and so when he watched the surveillance videos of her visiting him in jail he thought he saw her tap on her leg in morse code the word of Paris; which was what had ultimately brought him here. Yet after being here for almost two weeks there was no sign of his beloved and that bothered him profoundly.

It bothered him so much that he was off his game a little bit. Normally he wouldn’t be the prowler on the dance floor but another thing had thrown a wrench in his week in the form of Evea, as she called herself now. God damn that woman was going to be the death of him. She seemed to have gotten it into her head that he had loved her. Perhaps once he had, for a short while; when he had thought that maybe he would no longer be in the game of conning; but then he had met Kate and she had sparked that familiar fire in his soul, that need for the adrenaline rush and excitement that he only got from a well though out and executed job. He had taken out his frustration at Kate’s indifference on the Russian girl and he wasn’t exactly proud of his actions but he wasn’t about to grovel at the girl’s feet either. She’d told him days before that she wanted him in that way and Damon was happy to oblige, just not on her time table. Having Evea around meant that in some ways his past was catching up with him. The only person he stayed in touch with back in the states was Mozzy, who sent him updates on the FBI investigation was going on him. Damon was thankful for a friend like him. If it hadn’t been for him the former conman would be in jail and Damon hated the color of the orange jumpsuit, it just wasn’t his style. To top it off, he had missed his fedora which he wasn’t wearing this evening but was a regular accessory.

All these thoughts swirled in his head as he gazed out at the dance floor and sat in silence next to a woman that reminded him eerily of Kate. He could feel her shift beside him and he wondered if the silence made her uncomfortable. He had done the work to get her attention and now he was just letting his presence be, allowing to get used to the fact that he was there. It was part of the game, Damon had a strategy, especially with a woman like her who clearly wasn’t too struck by his good looks or charming smile. On a break between songs he turned to the woman that still hadn’t given him her name and asked her if she always drank alone on weeknights. She took a drink before placing the glass on the table in front of him, he silently observed that her movements seemed more relaxed and noted that she had finished her first drink and started on the second. She draped one arm along the back of the booth that they sat in, leaning comfortably and allowing her body face him. Clearly some barriers were coming down, or maybe that was alcohol talking. “Well, let me ask you something. Do you normally forget what day of the week it is?” she asked with a smirk as if she had caught him with his hand halfway in a cookie jar. Damon smiled to himself, He would blame this on Evea as well. Damn girl had shocked him so intensely that he had taken most of the week off from work; trying to memorize the city, just in case she chose to turn him in, he wanted to have the option of a quick getaway should the need arise.

“It’s Friday.” she said with a glisten in her eye but he doubted it was his expense. Most people were happy to embrace the end of the week. Damon included. He took a slow sip of his drink. Brushing off the teasing with a smile of his own “I’m a big girl. I can do whatever I’d like on Friday.” she informed him and it was Damon’s turn to laugh softly. She was indeed a grown woman, that was not news to him and he admired her curves as she leaned forward to get her drink off the table. She would be fairly inebriated by the end of this set if she wasn’t careful. “As for guys like you…let’s just say, I’ve had my fair share, so I would never say I avoid anyone.” she told him, becoming a little more serious and Damon tucked that away in the back of his mind. Clearly, she’d had previous troubles with men like him that still haunted her. Most women had, its what set him apart from those men; but this girl wouldn’t know that yet which was just fine. “I’m just honest, is all.” she said and Damon wondered if she was telling him or herself but he let her have a moment of silence before he set his own glass down, slightly in front of her; encroaching on her space just a touch, breaking another barrier between them.

Damon allowed his arm to sidle up the back of the booth and rest there, hand falling close her arm that was still draped over the back. He in turned leaned forward slightly as if he was about to tell her a secret; yet the combination of the music that wafted up to them from the dance floor combined with the low hum of conversation going on around them meant that he had to keep his voice up so she could him. He smiled easily at her as their eyes, blue on brown; the confidence on her face matching how he felt. She fascinated him. “You of all people should be forgiving of flaws…’ he said, who was boxing someone in now? “Let’s just say occasionally I meet a beautiful woman and I am so… distracted… that I forget things…” he said, reaching passed her for his drink, the movement putting his face inches from hers. “Surely you have your share of flaws…” he teased more softly, the scent of her was intoxicating and he took a sip from his drink that didn’t even made the effort of reaching for it worth it; but it was all part of the game. “Like not telling someone who bought you a drink your name?” he suggested, raising an eyebrow and smiling; it seemed to be a battle of wits and Damon was more than ready to play.

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