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Damon Caffrey

Damon loved women. Obviously. He had lost count of the number he had danced with at the club. Only wanting to lose himself in each partner and contemplate taking each of them home. But none of them had that spark he was looking for. There was a certain liveliness in the women that Damon Caffrey chose to take home with a him, a certain spark that fueled that already existed in his soul. It was the spark that had drawn him to Katherine all those years ago, a vivaciousness that challenged and pushed in his game. That’s exactly what this was to him, as he grabbed one partner after another. A game. A game where he got to pick who he chose to learn about. The group had been an easy target, so young and unsuspecting; smitten by the mere thought that someone as handsome and sure of himself as Damon would want anything to do with them. They were young, far to young for the former con artist but he had his fun with them anyway. He would dip them low and spin them fast, leaving each of them breathless and winded when returned them to the group. He noted that every once in a while a couple would slip into the back, no doubt getting more than was appropriate on the dance floor or in sight of the other patrons of the club. Damon had more class than. He would occasionally kiss the hand of one of the girls he chose as he led her out to the dance floor but that was also for show. He could get used to the women around here and as he prowled around the club he spotted a woman that stopped him in his tracks and made him reconsider his game for the evening all together.

At first he thought it was Katherine and he was momentarily frozen. Had the moment he’d been waiting six years for finally come. He had broken out of jail for her; would she even expect to see him here? He doubted it. He had thought, in one of the surveillance videos he had seen of her that she had been asking for his help but if that woman on the balcony was his beloved Katherine than perhaps Damon had been seeing things. He took a sip of his own drink, a simple scotch that his mouth and throat burning slightly. He had only taken a few sips though, not wanting to dull his senses as he continued to play the later crowd. More couples moved out onto the dance floor as the music changed its pace some. Many of the younger couples headed home, or elsewhere, to work out the sexual tension that had been worked up here but Damon walked against the crowd, carrying a tray and looking one of the many servers that walked around the establishment this evening. It was all to get close to the woman that seemed to be watching the dance floor like it was the latest Hollywood hit that had taken the box office by storm. If she had been watching the floor when he was working it than she would have seen it. That might make securing her attentions for the evening a little difficult but Damon enjoyed difficult, in fact he welcomed it and he felt sheer excitement course through his veins, a smile coming to his face as he approached the woman.

In his opinion she was the most beautiful woman he had seen all night and not just because he was partial to brunettes. She wore a revealing yet tasteful dress. Different from so many of the other, short strapless dresses he had entertained that evening. She was elegant, like a nicely aged wine but he could tell that she had a fire about her that would give him a run for his money. She was here alone which told him she was confident and comfortable in her own skin and the bartender had told him she was on her first drink so clearly she wasn’t looking to get herself into trouble. While drunk women were far more easier to woo, sober ones held a certain charm to them that Damon appreciated. He brought the drink to her not to get her drunk but merely hoping to open the conversation and it seemed to have worked though she showed no inclination to look up at him. Her loss. He informed her that his gesture came with a price and the cost was her name and a name. “Good catch.” she mused with a smile, and Damon was amused by the way she plucked the cherry out of her glass. She was a woman that knew what she liked, the three cherries communicated that as clearly as if she’d had a sign around her neck saying she was particular. Damon often appraised women the same way he appreciated a piece of art and he considered the woman in front of him to be an absolute masterpiece, the likes of which you didn’t run into very often. Damon needed to play this right. Always two steps ahead.

She seemed to shrug and laugh softly at his price and finally looked up at him. Her dark eyes met his piercing blue ones and he smiled. She was certainly beautfiul and her eyes was playful, A priceless acquisition. “Ah, you.” She remarked and Damon knew then that she had seen him. The game just got harder but it didn't deter him. If anything, it just made things that much more interesting. “You know, it’s always interesting to see guys like you make their rounds on the dance floor.” Damon let out a laugh at that. People like him? He had now been sorted into some kind of designated group in her mind Damon found that particularly delightful in that moment. People like him. He suppose there were plenty of men who stalked the dance floor to prey on the desperate and the innocent. He wasn’t about to defend his actions because really he didn’t feel accountable for them in any form. Those girls had come here looking for a good time and Damon had showed it to them. A harmless but memorable good time was Damon’s specialty. Her attention had turned to the dance floor as Damon waited to see if she would tell him to leave or invite him to sit. If she invited him to sit he knew he could win her over. “You might have to convince me a bit though. I’m still nursing my drink. Sit with me?” She asked and Damon smiled ruefully at her open invitation. She had just made it easy for him.

“With pleasure…” he said, as he sat next to her taking a sip of the drink a waitress suddenly came and put in front of him. Clearly, she had seen him drinking his scotch and had brought him another. Damon was not interested in getting drunk tonight and the scotch made him drink slow and yet gave him the released that he craved from the alcohol. They watched the music for a moment in silence before he rested an elbow on the table and his chin in his hand before he gazed at her, rotating the liquid in his glass mindlessly as he returned his attention to the woman next to him. “Do you always drink alone at jazz clubs on a Wednesday night… or is this a special occasion?” he asked, she had not disclosed her name to him which meant she likely wasn’t ready to give it to him. That was fine, Damon had all the time in the world. “Or do you just come here and try to avoid guys like me…” he said, placing particular emphasis on her own words. He was very curious to know that this exotic woman thought of him, even if she didn’t even know his name.

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