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Demetria Falcon

Demetria felt some of her age showing. She definitely didn’t have the same outfits that these others girls sauntered around in. She was going for daring, yet sophisticated tonight, and despite the plunging neckline and open back, she felt some air of class with the floor length concept. When she first ordered her drink at the bar, the barkeeps had to look up her drink on their phones. She chuckled and mentioned a few similar drinks, and the poor guy admitted, that he was so used to hearing gin and tonic and old-fashioned that even a simple martini seemed like a stretch in his memory. She promised that she’d keep his memory sharp with her drink requests. He also teased that a Boulevardier was one of those girly drinks disguised to be a manly drink behind the whiskey. She easily argued that it just made her one of those ladies who wasn’t afraid to have a straight up drink. James was his name. Solid kid when he was here. This was a few years ago, and he had already filtered through the Bleue, but she’d always catch the nights they’d have the new guys or gals shadow through for a trial night. Maybe she did go out on her own too often.

Being the thrill seeker she is, she found herself in the occasional personal crisis with the demand that her friends went out with her on a Wednesday night. Sometimes that was harmless, and sometimes she’d run into some lesser goods. Like once, she ended up out until 4am before an interview; to be fair, she rocked that interview and looked good talking herself up. But she’d never do it again. A few weeks later, she hooked up with the same guy for a while. Blaine. While Blaine sounded plain, Blaine was anything but. He was aloof when she needed him to be detached and he was adorable when she needed the allusion of a boyfriend. When she overestimated his feelings towards her and she asked him out on a lunch date, he crumbled away the morning after. It was a slap to her ego, but she figured it was bound to happen with her habits of thinking of the best. She typically shook off these embarrassing moments off better than most, but Blaine started to cause a whole gamut of issues within their friend circles. It stated when some friends asked if she was feeling okay, and then his friends told her to back off and get away from Blaine, even though she hadn’t seen him in weeks. She later figured that he was spewing lies; to his friends and her own circle. She tried to forget about it, but she wasn’t so easy to let him off the hook.

One night, she had a bit too much liquid courage; apparently calling him up and yelling at her phone for half an hour wasn’t the smartest thing she’d done, but of course tequila will tell you otherwise. On the other side of the phone, the conversation closed with a simple, Sorry I wasted your time. An abrupt hand up shocked her. Eventually she receded from the argument and thought that what she said to him was valid…which was unusual for Blaine. He always had the last word in one of their arguments, which typically ended with sex or more arguments. This time, he was just quiet. It was quiet for a solid month. Towards the beginning of finals their junior, the next morning her friends came forward with true concerns of her behavior alcoholism and abrupt anger. She immediately figured that Blaine had been spreading trash talk on her ever since he went silent. No wonder her friends started to get more worried about her. She’d just brush off their concerns and say that everything was fine between her and Blaine. He got out of her way, and she’d stay away from him. When it boiled down to it all, Demi cut off her friendships and gave them the condition that they needed to get all of their facts straight before they try to fix her. Started her senior year back at square one. Certainly, there was a binging issue in her habits, but she could also recognize when her friends were only critical of her faults. Sure she went to therapy thinking that she’d find validation, and sure she didn’t want to really fix her binging issue, but hey; who actually did in the arts.

By now she mastered her routine of outing rituals. Sitting around, occasional going out to a dance club, but these days she spent her time at lounges and bars. Nights like this one could be iconic in how it went. This week was slow, so that meant for a slow weekend. The decision to get dressed up was not entirely her idea. Some friends from work suggested they go out. Eager to see civilization, Demetria got ready and headed over to the club to claim a table. To no avail, her friends didn’t show. Great. She claimed a table for no reason. When she got the text that she was flying solo, she picked up camp and settled herself up where she sat now. This spot was her go to when she decided to just stop by for some friends. Other times she just sat here trying to look aloof to maybe snag a dance as the other alone lady apart from the other girly groups. Now, she just sat down by herself and rested her head against the booth. She wondered how long she would last. She sat around for a solid hour and a half before grabbing her first drink.

The groups that used the lounge as a pregame venue started to stumble out and a more common aged group came She watched a few regulars stuck around for a more vibrant band set. Not too many groups of stranglers stuck around, they were probably off to the crowded pubs and hectic bars. That wasn’t Demi’s scene anymore. Granted, she paid her time with the extremely late nights, drunken nights, bar hopping with friends, and late morning brunches. She knew she’d exhausted most of that part of her life. Now she enjoyed sitting back and watching; building relationships with those who make a living off of that life style and seeing their perspective was the fun of it. They always had the stories when the night was dull. They’d also tell you straight up the dirt on people they see. Having that kind of in helped her keep her distance from those weary characters and helped her maintain the upper hand. That didn’t mean she didn’t enjoy a good time. It had been a while since her last escapade. And she never went looking for trouble; she just went with the flow. Maybe the sanguine in her got her in more trouble than she’d like to admit. Luckily, her ability to read people helped. Sometimes.

She felt someone hovering over her…she felt herself tense a bit, not out of nervous energy, but rather curious whim, “A very handsome gentleman ordered you another Boulevardier…” a voice behind her beckoned. A charming move, indeed. Her attention was undivided as she sat up and crossed her legs. She heard the glass being place down next to her. Cautiously, she reached for it and rested it on her lap. A small glance over, she saw her drink of choice, Boulevardier with three cherries: her signature quirk. Someone must have been chatting with the barkeep before they came in on this one. She wondered who stood behind her, “in exchange for your name and a dance…”

“Good catch.” She smirked at his ultimatum as she swirled a finger in the drink for a cherry. Still looking down at her drink, she chewed the cherry, thinking about how far she’d entertain this conversation. This could be fun. She shrugged and laughed a small throaty chuckle. As she turned she found her eyes staring too intensely into his. It was him…waltzing here and there guy. She thought he’d left, “Ah, you.” Amused to see him here, she gestured the rocks glass towards him, “You know, it’s always interesting to see guys like you make their rounds on the dance floor.” She mused to him, but mostly herself as she glanced toward a dance floor that had a few couples out on the floor. A moderately slow song played. She still wasn’t entirely sold on that dance just yet. She sipped her drink and looked back up at him, “You might have to convince me a bit though. I’m still nursing my drink. Sit with me?” She asked as she patted the space near her, her eyes never removed from the dance floor. She wondered what this guy was up to. First dancing with every girl and their dance card, and now here he was trying to impress her. Something was off.

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