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Originally Posted by TitaniEm View Post
I am going to start by saying I'm team Phantom!I do think that the Phantom really loved Christine. It is obvious in his music. I think Raoul's love was more an infatuation and a child hood romance that he got a second chance at. I think Christine loved them both, but in different ways. If Phantom hadn't murdered do many people, I think she could've loved him more. She had to choose Raoul because he could give her a life of safety and protection. If it was me, I'd still choose Phantom :-)
A few things here. First of all, Erik tells us he was raised without the comfort of parents. Secondly, no woman could look upon his hideousness, even Christine. Third, he proves he has no love or compassion time and time again by the way he treats his fellow man. Fourth, he never approaches Christine as a potential suitor. Instead he deceives her. So how then could he really love her? He has no idea of what the word means.

I find it interesting that there are so many people who reduce Raoul to a being who's sole purpose is to provide a life of safety and protection to Christine. If that's how she views him, then she must be among the shallowest of women on earth. She, like Erik, would have no idea of what true love is.
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