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Originally Posted by Designated Driver View Post
Lotte, not every performer's dream is to be the lead any more than it is every artist's dream to be the next Leonardo da Vinci. There are people who are content with their lot in life and happy with the way they use their talents. There are also those who are ambitious. They want the star out of the way so they can step in and take over. In their hearts they believe they are a greater talent. Anything wrong with that? Not really. But let's say this person portrays herself as a na´ve and gullible young woman. Does that mesh? No. That's what I'm saying about Christine. What her desires are conflict with how she portrays herself.

I don't think she deserved what Erik did to her at all. However, he didn't just waltz right in and take her down to his house either. There was a period of time where Christine had complete control and could have walked away. She choose to continue singing lessons despite the fact she herself was suspicious.
I guess what it comes down to is this. Without Christine herself having flaws, there is no story. I think greed is one of her flaws and she tries to hide it with innocence and gullibility.

Could you explain this a little more? What situation is it that you're referring to?

I think that came off wrong, sorry. My point was to say that who wouldn't take it if they have the chance? She was forced to keep her lessons a secret. If I'm remembering right, it was Erik who suggested it in the first place. I don't think she wanted Carlotta out of the way, exactly. That was never portrayed,
since the entire thing was Erik's doing and idea. Mama Velarius reassures her, but more so I am convinced that she was in full belief because she cries when she realizes that he isn't her Angel. Although I do sort of see your point.

Enough about that. I guess I didn't really explain myself, did i? I meant at the very end, when Erik threatens to blow everyone up. If he really loved her, he would have kept her alive. If he only wanted her for greedy reasons, then he would have no reason for her be alive. That sounds terrible, but that's Erik.
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