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I think it's a pity. I would love to know exactly what Leroux wrote.

I can say this from a performer's point of view: Of course she wanted to become a better singer. Every performer's dream is to be lead, and if I'm understanding you right it doesn't make them greedy. I don't think Christine mentions Carlotta in the novel other than on the roof - I might be wrong on that, but anyway, she doesn't know how Carlotta got sick, how the croaking began, none of it. In the musical she defends herself from Carlotta, and that's all we see, with Christine being in the right. Anyway, Christine takes the job because they offer it.

I guess a lot of what I was trying to say is that you have to take her situation with Erik into account. she does what she has to for her and Raoul to survive. That she has every right to do, because she was being held captive, and comes to pity Erik, seeing the tragic situation she's in. She definitely has backbone, but you do see her cracking through with Raoul at Velarius's place. I'd say that she was allowed and right to defend herself considering her desire to comply with Erik's commands in order to keep herself and those she loves safe. That scene all comes down to Erik once again. We're also told she's kind up until the first performance, when she fears his leaving. I suppose what I'm trying to say is that the only times we see her as "unkind" are when Erik is involved in one way or another. Perros is, I think, just childish defense out of her belief of the Angel and a distressed affection for Raoul. She makes mistakes, yes. No one's perfect.

I think it's also important to take into account the situation she was in with the Angel. She thought of it then asked Mama Velarius, who she believed completely. The Angel was a friend to her, brough her out of a depression she'd been in since her father died. I think anyone would be afraid for a connection to a parent to leave. That's not to say she didn't want to become a good singer, but I don't think she meant Carlotta any harm. She does come out of it pure. She doesn't kiss him until she leaves, nor does she make much other contact with him. Mostly it's just being held hostage so that he won't kill her and won't kill anyone else. Do I think she ends the story as completely innocent? No. She couldn't have been because of all she had to do to survive. But I do think good intentions were at the heart of what she did rather than greed. And in the end, we see a very selfless act, a true echo of who she is.

Anyway, though, that's still just up to your interpretation.
Now I'm curious: what do you all think about Erik's situation at the end of the novel? Does his careless threat to Christine's life if she doesn't marry him suggest it? At the end I think it's love, but here I think it's greed.
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