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Posting Contest!

What’s this you ask?

Well, everyone’s noticed the post numbers listed on their information bar. In order to participate in the Posting Contest, you first have to sign up in the thread below, with the following information:

Current Date:
Date in exactly three weeks:
Current Post Count (counting this one):

No cheating! We on the staff can count, and can easily find out what your post count is. If you’re caught cheating by lying, not only will you be disqualified, but you will have your entire rose count drained, and you’ll have to start back from zero.

There are five levels to reach for in this contest.

50 Posts: 10 roses
75 Posts: 20 roses
100 Posts: 30 roses
200 Posts: 75 roses
500 Posts: 250 roses

You have three weeks to complete this task from the day of your post. Understand that spam does not count, and those who post spam in an effort to win this contest will be disqualified. Make them quality posts that count. Otherwise, what’s the point? Happy posting, all!

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