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Dear RD, this area of the forum is specifically for fan/phan clubs. These threads Adoring Audiencesare only added by Moderators/Admins. It's okay that you made this mistake since your a new member, but in the future make sure you read the guidelines to certain threads that require permission. In time those things become understood though so it's okay :D. I think this thread of yours would fit better in The House on the Lake area since it is about general Phantom of the Opera. I'm not sure exactly where specifically, but I'm sure you'll decide for yourself. You can ask a moderator to move it there or, (maybe) you can have this deleted and you can repost it where you please in the correct area of the forum community.

As a comment to your thread:

I really would love to see it. That sounds amazing...a masquerade ball. Good luck :D

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