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Lucian Michaud

A silence stretched between the mismatched pair. Lucian, couldn’t help but to feel an ounce of tension. Ashton’s face had taken on a rosy glow as she happily fed the fish. A strand of golden hair had fallen into her hazel eyes and Lucian had the urge to reach over and brush it away or to tuck it neatly behind her ear. If he did that, he would be able to feel the fluttery pulse in her neck. He swallowed. What would it be like, if Lucian reached over and kissed her? No one would know except for him and Ashton. They were alone, after all, in a relatively deserted place. They may have lived together and been alone together in the Bois or at a bistro, but this aloneness felt oddly electrifying. There was the off-chance that they’d get caught, but honestly... That chance was beyond slim. There was also the chance that she would panic. If he kissed her now—even as an experiment or in something like platonic curiosity—she could easily see him as trying to take advantage of her. He could never. He would never. But she had to know what her presence did to his senses. After all, she knew that the last woman to have kissed him had been a drunken blind date of whom Lucian thought little. She knew that Natalie had cheated on him and kicked him out of the bedroom. Ashton had to know that Lucian was a man. A lonely man. She had to know that she was beautiful. She was. She exuded grace and confidence and charisma. She had to know the draw she had for Lucian. She had to. He’d told her mildly how he felt, only moments ago. But maybe, just maybe, she’d mistaken his words for those of a friend. Maybe that was why she agreed to enjoying his company. Maybe that was why she was so willing to go with him somewhere this secluded. He was safe. He was no threat to her engagement—he was her fiancée’s father, after all. She trusted him. She trusted him not to abuse their friendship. She trusted him to keep his hands to himself.

He couldn’t break that trust.

Lucian ripped a chunk of bread in his hands.

“Next weekend,” Ashton said. Lucian jumped at the sound of her voice and dropped his bread chunk into the water. “I’m doing a solo at the Rouge. It would mean the world to me if you came…”

He smiled, the frustrated crease between his brows disappeared. It would mean the world to her?

“That is, if you want to. Don’t let me force anything…” She glanced down at her lap and after a moment, back up. “Do you want to?”

“My dear,” he said, meeting her gaze as steadily as he could. “I wouldn’t miss it for the world.”
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