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Awesome, Hannah! That's the way to do it, keep on going. :D Break a leg tonight!

I'm ecstatic! *sigh* I've just recently learned my first operetta aria! Mabel's "Poor Wand'ring One". It's also my first waltz... and I do the D! *is happy*

And now I'm doing Wishing! And then probably ToM according to my teacher. I'm so excited. :D

Proud Raoul Phan. You've just got to love him!
"Lehr’ mich wieder ohne Angst zu leben..."
"Wenn ich tanzen will, dann tanz ich so wie's mir gefällt...
"Han kom till mig en natt, som i en dröm... Hans röst var manande men ändå öm..."
I now have a thing for Swedish...
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