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This has a spoiler in the middle, sorry guys!

So on November 9th I saw the travelling broadway version of this show and it was super fantastic. I really don't think it could have been any better, espectially since I brought a 'virgin' with me. ;)

For $5 I bought a participation package with cards, a bell, a light, a newspaper, a roll of toilet paper, and other various items in it. For those of you who don't know how it goes there are certain points of participation. Like when Brad Majors says "Great Scott!" everyone throws the toilet paper. And when Janet sings "There's a Light" you shine your flashlight. When Dr. Frank N Furter sings the line "Cards for sorrow, cards for pain," everyone throws their cards in the air. My personal favourites are the vocal cues. When the narrator says "Brad Majors" the audience responds with ***hole!, and when he says "Janet Weiss" the audience yells Slut!. All in good fun of course. And my personal favourite is when the narrator comes on stage at all and everyone yells "Boring!"

Anyways, it was way fun. For $10 I bought a white top hat a la Columbia, and since I was in the front row the man playing Frank N Furter actually got down and took my hat and gave me, essentially, a lap dance lol. Very fun.

There was a Q&A at the end of the show with the cast which was fun, and I really love when the cast do that. I automatically have respect for anyone who can do that show, and as well as they did, but it's a whole new level of awesome when they come out and interact afterwards.

Also, fun fact: During the show there was a part where **spoiler**Magenta jumps in front of Frank to save him from the death ray or whatever it is. He holds her in his arms, and says "Did you do this for me?" To which she replies in her 'dead' state with a head nod. So he says "You silly *****!" and drops her. **spoiler**

The problem is she fell off the stage lol. She was okay but it was so funny, couldn't have been better if planned!

All in all a 100% amazing show, go see it!

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