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My family is unbelievable.Dad and the guys are all ready to give up and go back to the states. We've only been here for two days, for Gods sake! And haven't even started renovations! They're trying to quit before they've even started and Mom and the girls are even more ridiculous.

They want to take this "opportunity" to completely redesign the inside of the opera house, they want it to look "Modern".

They want to have the lobby completely redone so that everything in it is white and blue. They want to put a giant fountain in the middle of the room and have little white and blue couches everywhere with popcorn and soda vendors everywhere. They want to have lights strung across the ceiling like Christmas lights and have pictures of famous female actresses like Judy Garland and Marilyn Monroe put up.

In the theater itself they want to have benches not seats. Benches! And a baby blue curtain hanging in front of the stage. And clowns running around the aisles before the show. They want to get rid of the orchestra pit and not have a real orchestra playing for the shows they want it all to be recorded. They don't want to use the balconies, apparently it's a hazard.

They're idiots and I told them so! Why would you spend so much money to fly the entire family here, buy an opera house then decide to give up and sell it before you've done anything more then walk through the building.

Secondly, this is an opera house not a circus! Popcorn vendors, clowns, Christmas lights! I told them all that if that's what they plan on doing then count me out, I'll move in to a dorm at the university and get my degree, then open a real opera house.

So, Dad just called me and told me that they all had a family meeting without me and talked about it and came to the conclusion that none of them have any idea what the hell they are doing and that they have already invested too much in the opera house to just leave. So, they put me in charge of everyone and everything.

Apparently, they have come to they're senses.

Now I have to figure out how I'm gonna do this.

The first thing I think we need to do is get this place cleared out. Get rid of everything left backstage or in the dressing rooms and offices, see if there is anything that we can keep and reuse.

Then we need to get a cleaning crew in here and get rid of all this dust, and grime, ash and soot.

Then we need to get electric wiring and plumbing put into the building, apparently the building was shut down before any of that came around.

Then we need to hire contractors and workers I guess.

I think we should focus on one area of the building at a time. First we focus on the outside; get the windows all repaired, the roof fixed, the statues and actual building repainted. Then focus on the lobby and get the chandeliers and candelabras fitted with electrical wiring and get them back up and working.

Then we move on to the theater. I decided I'm sticking with the red and gold theme through out the opera house, it just seems to fit.

But, probably the biggest job of all will be getting the back stage areas redone. There needs to be new furniture in the dressing rooms,we need have the floor of the stage redone, we need to get new lights, have a whole new sound system put in, new lighting system, new ropes and weights for the rails put in,and the cat walk needs to be rebuilt. Also, the offices need to be converted in to an apartment.

I think finally with this start of a plan set we can move forward on the right track.

08/20/2007 10:00pm

So, I stayed behind at the opera house tonight without the others. I wanted to walk around by myself with a notebook and really get a feel for the place. I haven't had a chance to do this on my own. I wanted to walk around with my own thoughts and write down an ideas I had. I knew that had to be some kind of basement or underground level.

I also really wanted to go down into the basements. I knew that there had to be hidden passageways.There was no way that a building this massive wouldn't have them.

When I decided to stay at the opera house, I figured that I would explore and get to know the place a little better and then I would head back to the hotel.

I was wrong.

As I walked back into the lobby after seeing my family out I was thinking about how I had decided that I'm not going to live in the apartment with the others. During my walk through I came to a door backstage that I hadn't bothered to open before. It was locked when I tried to open it but the door was so old and crumbling that I was able to kick it in. It was a dressing room like the others except it hadn't been destroyed. It was almost like this room had been preserved. It was dusty sure but nothing was broken. All of the old furniture is still there and intact and there are the withered up remains of flowers everywhere.

But the amazing thing about the room is the beautiful, floor to roof, gold framed, full length mirror. It's absolutely breath taking but I had the strangest feeling that someone was watching me from behind the mirror. I could just feel it, someone else's presence.

Even so I knew that I wanted this to be my room. There's an attached bathroom and I can probably have all of the old beautiful furniture cleaned and repaired so that I can keep it. I'll have a door built into the wall to lead into the dressing room next door and I'll turn that into my office.

Also, I've come to the conclusion that the opera house is haunted, not just because of the presence I felt behind the mirror but also because I've been seeing and hearing things. I keep seeing a figure all in black out of the corner of my eye, but when I look its gone and I feel like I'm being watched and followed. Also, I keep hearing singing. It's the most beautiful male voice I have ever heard. At first I heard it when I was walking thought the hall leading to the the different boxes on the second floor, it was coming from down in the theater but when I got into the box and looked there wasn't anyone there but I know I heard singing.

I knew that this would be an adventure but the opera house being haunted is awesome. I don't think it could get any better.
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