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He could feel the waves of disappointment washing over her as she acknowledged his presence and realised it wasn't Julian. Of course it wasn't. Julian was out with Indy and no doubt enjoying himself whilst doing so. Scott couldn't blame him - Indy was hot with a capital 'H'. He was half tempted to pursue her himself, except for the fact Julian was his friend and he wasn't so evil as to go after a girl his friend was actively pursuing. That, and Indy had plenty of hot friends he could always sleep with instead and add to his list of conquests. It would never occur to Scott that a girl might not be attracted to him - he knew he was hot, and any girl would be lucky to sleep with him. Hell if he were a girl, he'd be attracted to him. Thus it stood to reason he could put a smile on this girl's face, because let's face it, whilst she was pretty, she was no Indy and was never going to attract any guy's attention while she was acting so obsessively about Julian!

Molly might not let him in, judging from her protective behaviour. In all honesty he didn't need to come in - just to be able to report back that she was still alive was all the information he required. His bed was calling, but something intrigued him about her. Perhaps it was wondering why she was so fixated on Julian. Obviously she hadn't met him yet which might account for it. He had also spent the night with Julian and Indy whom he wasn't allowed to flirt with and touch which was irritating in itself, so now he was able to offload some of those pent up emotions on this seemingly innocent girl who would likely appreciate the attention after all the brush offs she was on the receiving end of from Julian. Of course he knew her name based on conversations with his friend, and she now knew his name, but she seemed to be digging for more information. He didn't quite know how to give it to her. Most girls were sold after giving his name. They didn't care whether he earned a fortune or a pittance or what his core values were, simply that he was apparently into them.

"Didn't we just cover this?" he asked. "I'm pretty sure we agreed I'm Scott. And you're Molly, right? If you're looking for reassurance, I can promise you I'm no axe murderer!" he laughed, little aware that she had been considering that very thing. "Oh right...because you know all of Julian's friends! I'm sure he knows all your friends, too, doesn't he? And anyway. I've never seen you before either!" Scott smirked, wondering at her gall. What was it with girls who thought they could outsmart him? She seemed rather put out by his presence, only not in a negative way. Simply that she didn't know what to say or how to act. "You can relax. I only came over to make sure you're doing fine. I'll be on my way if I'm that much of an inconvenience!" Scott declared, dramatically turning on his heel and heading for the door in mock outrage. If he was right, she would come after him within 5 seconds, needing to hear more information about her beloved Julian. 5.....4.....3.....2.....1...

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