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OOC: Soooo, Amorette is having a major manic episode, and is a bit... well, a lot bonkers. Approach at your own risk. BIC:

Amorette Cheuvront

Wandering the dark, damp tunnels of the dungeons, Amorette looked a haggard mess, with her white-golden curls a dirty, tangled mess, and her clothes wrinkled in mismatched disarray. She was even paler than she normally was, and her enormous blue-green eyes were wide and glazed over. She almost looked like a female, prettier version of Gollum from Lord of the Rings. She had to stop her roaming every now and then, when a sudden surge of searing pain ripped through the center of her forehead, eventually tripping, and falling when a particularly bad one made her lose her balance. Feeling the cold, damp stone cut into her hands and knees, Amorette lost it and let out a shrill yowl of hysterical laughter. She hadn't been taking her medicine like she should have. That made her laugh harder. She suddenly stopped, and looked around frantically with those glassy eyes, before jabbering nonsensically in a bizarre mix of French and English, to someone named Jacqueline, though there was no one in sight.

"You can't trust her! Elle est un fou!" she hissed, before cackling psychotically once again.

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