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OOC: This is my first attempt, but I'll try to get into this. BIC:

Genevieve Lerouge

Genevieve wandered the halls of the Opera Populaire, utterly bored, seeing as that day's rehearsal was over. She pulled her long brown hair out of its bun as she walked, and absentmindedly played with the elastic hair tie. She needed something to do!

Her mind fell on the dungeons that she knew lay beneath the Opera House. She was one of the few chorus girls who hadn't already gone down to explore them. Genevieve, though she would never tell anyone, was afraid of the dark. But still... She could overcome her fear for an hour or so, couldn't she?

Genevieve headed with purpose backstage to get a flashlight from one of the stagehands. You could never be too careful, after all. She then changed into the comfy pair of Nikes that she kept in her bag, and with determination, strode to the doors that led to the underground, hoping and praying to any God that would listen that nothing terrible would happen. Such as: her flashlight dying, the tunnels caving in, or her simply getting lost in the labyrinth.

With a deep breath to steady herself, Genevieve began her trek through the dungeons, aware of every little sound that met her ears and trying to ignore the uneasy feeling she had due to the sign outside that had read: Enter at your own risk, and the stories of the Phantom of the Opera.

Wandering child, so lost, so helpless... Yearning for my guidance."
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