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OOC: I'm sick and ache everywhere but I felt compelled to post for you since I told you I would. Sorry if it sucks. BIC:

Alexandra Hunter

Alex had heard all kinds of stories about the underground of the Opera House. Not that she'd been one for myths or fairytales but she did enjoy a good legend here and there. Yes there was a difference. Myths and fairytales were fantastic stories weaved from the minds of people who wanted some attention. Or if you were the author of a story like Cinderella, a person who just wanted to be accepted by those around them. Okay so maybe the judgment was a bit of a generalization but the point was there were distinct differences between the stories that your mommy told you as you fell asleep and the legends that were passed down from generation to generation. With legends there was an attractive force, an appeal that drew people to it despite the tests of time. The cellars below the Opera House was definitely one of those intriguing legends. She'd heard from some of the stagehands (and a few others) that there were ghosts down here. Especially a specific ghost that would cause trouble for anyone who entered his domain. Cue the eerie music. That ghost was none other then the Opera Ghost. When something went wrong on stage that was typically who it was blamed on.

The sheer idea was absurd. Always the curious cat she had to go investigate for herself. She ignored the sign that told her that she was exploring at her own risk and squeezed her way into the underground. She was on her lunch break and rather then go and satiate her nagging appetite she had decided to satisfy her naturally curious nature. She had begged a flashlight from one of the stagehands and grabbed her jacket, not knowing how cold it would be down in the cellars on this brisk April day. She moved down the stairs one at a time, not one to trip as a result of moving to fast. She thought of all the critters that could be roaming around down there. Compared to the splendor of the Opera House above this place looked like death. The stark contrast made Alex shiver and wrap her jacket more tightly around her. She bit the inside of her cheek. A horrible habit that was bad for her and the weak skin that covered the inside of her cheek. She had the unmistakable feeling that she was alone, completely alone and for some reason that wasn't what unsettled her. She had been used to being alone a good portion of her life. What was so unsettling for her was the darkness that surrounded her beyond the security of the flashlight.

The darkness was almost tangible and Alex let out a breath as she moved further into the darkness. Curiosity killed the cat. the all to familiar voice played in her uncle. Often the little voice that her conscious seemed to embody sounded like her former fiance. She had always wondered why but she supposed it was because he had been the voice of reason in her life, the one that had helped her make all the major decisions up until that point. He was still there, in her head, guiding and directing her. She had not mentioned that to her therapist. She would if it started to interfere with her daily life but at this point it seemed to be keeping her company and she closed her eyes, thinking that maybe if she shut them for thirty seconds she would open them and her eyes would be adjusted to the swelling darkness. She reached the edge of the lake that she'd heard so much about. Shining her flashlight into the water she stared at the glassy surface, making out the shadow of her reflection in the dark water. She wondered what it would be like to fall in. To be lost in its murky deaths indefinitely... she wondered if anyone had ever been unfortunate to ever experience such a cold fate.

Alex jumped when the unmistakable sound of shoes hitting the wet pavement could be heard. Her pounded in her chest, beating so hard she was certain that the unexpected visitor could hear from wherever they were. Alex did something extremely stupid at that moment. Something that, had she seen it on a horror movie, she would have yelled at the tv screen for their stupid and naive actions. She yelled into the darkness. "Hello! Is anyone there?" It was a silly questions honestly. Ghosts couldn't talk to her. They didn't even exist. Right? She slowly walked towards the noise. Curiosity killed the cat... killed the cat... killed the cat... the voice in her head mocked her and she pushed it away. She held the flashlight with a shaky hand and called out again. "Hello!" this time her voice sounded weaker, not nearly as sure. Then she heard a voice. "Laissez-moi tranquille!" the voice groaned in the French language that she was still trying to understand. She wished that she would have taken it in high school instead of her stupid, useless Spanish class. She turned a corner shone the flashlight. Nothing. Alex breathed out a sigh of relief and leaned against a column sliding down to the wet floor. As she rested her back against it she felt something brush her hair. She froze and turned slowly, when she saw the white hand she let out a scream, quickly covering her mouth with her hand, her flashlight dropping to the ground, plunging them both into darkness. Part of her hope that in the darkness she wouldn't be seen but she knew it was to late. She had already given herself away.

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