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Originally Posted by Lotte Potter View Post
That's up to interpretation then, but I don't want to get into it. What we do know is that Christine was moved by his tears, and that is what compelled to let her go. Anyway, just my two cents.
Of course it's up to interpretation, Lotte. But to me, I don't think there was any hidden symbolism in Erik singing a particular piece. I think it was the music that moved him, not the beauty of the actual practice itself.

Not to disagree here, but I want to put a different thought out there. I don't believe Erik was moved by any compassion on Christine's part. It's fun to think that, Christine previously showed him plenty of compassion.

I think was saved her in the end was the fact that Christine shows integrity and good faith and proves it by standing by her word and becomes Erik's wife.

Did that redeem Erik? Hard to say, but I see him as a realist. Honesty and good faith would move him more than some lofty ideal of compassion rendered through a kiss.
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