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I just need to have a list somewhere of who I need to respond to so here it is.

Le Meurice- I need to start this scene for Witch and Evea
Calvin's Apartment- It's next on my to do list (for Cara)

Off the Board Scene- I hope to wrap this up in the next day or two (Kip/Ella)
Cafe De Roses- I will start us here as soon as you end the scene at the train station (Kip/Ella)

La Louvre- Damon and Evea are here, Damon's trying to get out of a sticky situation. I will post here as soon as I can wrestle my Damon muse into submission.

Speaking of Damon, if anyone else wants a scene with him I am open to it. I'm still getting the hang of it but I am happy to be more scene with my new character.

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