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Here is a site with POTO screencaps and other things.

And here is one with all the lyrics from the movie and other things having to do with POTO.

Here's also one about POTO, about the book and history among other things.

Here's the official movie website for POTO.

Here is the website of the illustrator of the original book, "The Phantom of the Opera" by Gaston Leroux. The mans name is Andre Castaigne.

And here are the pictures by him...

1.) "Red Death"

2.) "They Sat Like That For A Moment Of Silence" (Roof Top)

3.) "Head of Fire"

4.) "Talking of Death"(After Erik unties Christine)

5.) "She Staggered Swooning"

Here is a better page with the illustrators pictures.

A link to the book online (Gaston Leroux).

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POTO Website: Erik's Domain

POTO Fan Site: Cristine Daae on the Web

Gerard Butler:

Currently touring the US: The Mauer's Online


Phantom in 15 Minutes

ERIK: An Owner's Guide and Instruction Manual

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