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Just to enlighten you (since I had to take a test on this for my Cats role):

Andrew Lloyd Webber read T.S. Eliot's work, and immediately, could hear and feel music to go with it. He collaborated with a well-trusted team and together, they accumulated all of his work and transformed it pretty smoothly into a musical. At first, when it was off-off-Broadway, it got scathing reviews. So they added a very strong, very prominent dance aspect. No on wants to see a bunch of cats singing on a stage. No one would pay for that. So with a LOT of dance added, the show was edited, re-released and was better accepted. After a few more years of trying, it made it to Broadway where it became the second longest running show in history. This, of course is a much shorter, condensed version of what happened, but I assume you get the idea.

Glad to clear that up.

By the way, I made an A on the Cats test. :)

If I can't hear the music, and the audience is gone,

I'll dance here on my own.

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