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Evea Perry

Run, hide, don't stop running and never EVER look back... these were the thoughts that ran through Evea's head as she followed the bleeding footsteps of Damon. Each footfall forever seemed to echo making her heart beat that much louder until she was convinced even that echoed.

The maze of the underground was bad enough, one wrong move and it could quickly become like the Minotaur maze without even a slight chance of running across the ball of golden thread making the chance of running into the monster all the better. Still, even as they ran Evea found herself calling out away to go, right, left, straight ahead. NEVER run in a straight line, zig and zag as much as you can and even double back.

She could feel at one point that Damon was growing tired though of her orders or because of his leg she wasn't quite sure and knew better than the ask him. Instead, when he stopped, she stopped right near the water's edge through a few feet behind, bent over, catching breath.

It was as she did this that her nose picked up the smell of blood again, her eyes seeming glued to the wound, ever since that day, so long ago... concern filled her eyes.

“Evea… stop looking at me like I’m dying…. I’m fine."

And even though his voice gave nothing away she could see the toll. The shaking of injured limb the coldness that she knew all to well from the loss of blood.

“Maybe next time you should watch your aim…”

Upon those words an anger sparked the course for taking a few cleansing breaths.

"My aim was fine. Keller would be dead if he hadn't have flipped you at the last moment, be grateful of my aim and that the knife stuck otherwise you'd have an even bigger hole in your leg to match the hole you call a mouth."

It was then that she let out another breath masking it as a sigh.

"You should sit down and let me have a look at it, we don't need you dripping all over the place." She spoke aloud while whispering to herself "and leaving a trail anyone could follow" "Sit"

As she waited for him to do so her fingers and eyes traveled over the walls each spider's home becoming something of interest but first...

Taking another of her knives out she cut into the fabric that was her clothing to then rip it into a long length of cloth even as her skin came to lay bear.

"Are you going to let me patch you up or am I going to have to wait until you pass out from that shivering?"

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