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OOC: For Damon and Evea. A continuation from the Courtyard. Sorry if its short. BIC:

Damon Caffrey

The adrenaline coursing through Damon helped him spring through the underground with Evea trailing behind him, his leg occasionally flaring up where she had stabbed him in the thigh. All Damon could think about was putting enough distance between the man he had stabbed in the shoulder and where they would end up to stop and look at Damon’s leg. Evea seemed to have a better idea of where they were going than he did and occasionally she would shout out a direction ordering him to go right or left. After some time Damon had no idea where they were, turns looked the same and he was certain that had passed that broken brick before. Perhaps the wound in his leg was bleeding a little bit more than was safe for them to be running away from someone who wanted to kill them. Finally Damon came to stop at the edge of a lake. It amused him that it was here and he looked back at Evea who had stopped a few steps away from him and was catching her breath.

Damon walked over to the water and splashed his face with it, trying to clear his head as he attempted to think through the pain as he sat back and stared at the water thoughtfully, his heart finally seeming to slow as he realized that they were safe and could finally rest. The last time he was caught in a situation like this had been when he had been arrested. He had requested to meet with a judge instead of before a jury. He had contacted Mozzy to purchase and open a bakery just below the window where Damon intended to meet with a man. Conveniently, the judge’s air conditioning had been out and so he had opened the window. Damon had opened the meeting by asking what his sentence would likely be. When the meeting was basically over but before the guards could reenter the room Damon had walked over to the window to act as if he was looking at the city before he winked at the judge and threw himself out of the window down onto the awning below. He landed on his feet on the sidewalk below the awning and looked around, smiled at the FBI agents who were standing on the sidewalk thirty feet from him. He straightened his jacket and ran for a van that was parked across the street and it was then that he had felt a bullet graze his thigh. He dove into the truck and instantly removed the bottom and slid out the other side and rolled under the other car, removed the bottom and waited. He heard the sirens following the black van down the road and up into Manhattan.

Yet Damon lived for that kind of adrenaline rush. The feeling that made his heart pound and aroused him to the point that the need almost consumed him. He even smiled to himself now as he rubbed his leg subconsciously, recalling the phantom of pain of the bullet graze. He looked over at Evea who was gazing at him with concerned eyes. “Evea… stop looking at me like I’m dying…. I’m fine.” He said indifferently as he felt his limbs beginning to shake from a combination of the cold and the shock. “Maybe next time you should watch your aim…” He, said indifferently, no amused in the slightest by how their afternoon of training had turned out.

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