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Dorian Grayson

Dorian could sense that thought processes must be ticking away though her surface remained serene. After all, didn't they say that still waters run deep? He must go in baby steps.

"Take it. My hand," she said quietly, and he considered that quite a major step, leaving toddling behind.

Still, he moved very slowly, sliding his right hand down from its place on his thigh to the cold, wet ground, moving it in under her hand so that it would lie on the back of his. This close, he wondered if she could see the odd paleness of his eyes and whether or not she would find that disconcerting. Some were taken aback by the strangeness, while others had been drawn to him. Which would this be?

"I have been like you, little girl, a wild creature, wary of people. When I swam with you, I was that boy again. I sometimes forget how I have changed~become a man. I am Dorian." Had he said this before? He could not recall perhaps because so many times he had said this name or another. "May I know your name?"

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