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Chianna Mimieux

The water was suddenly cold. It was black and swirling and the walls were moving in and moving out. The Intruder was ruining everything. He was knocking it all off balance. Chianna wanted time alone, but then this demon, who claimed to be something else, interrupted her time. It wasn't fair. Life wasn't fair, but this wasn't fair. Go away, go away. And never come back. Chianna wanted to run away, even leave her clothes if she had to. She wanted to know first, though. Or else she'd be haunted by the Intruder the whole day long. And she didn't need that. No no no, she didn't need that at all.

Her fingers gripped the edge as best she could. Her palm kept slipping against the wet surface. "Fun," Fun? She knew the word. Fun? She came here to be by herself and this Intruder's answer was "fun?"

"I saw you swimming, and... to join you... would be a fun thing to do, the two of us swimming... It reminded me of when I was a boy. Sometimes I forget...ave grown to be such a man. I forget that some look at me and might fear me. I... frighten you... I~I was looking for things... the props for my new home. Yes! I have a home now! This is something wonderful! I was tired... dirty, and this seemed so inviting. I wanted to join you. It was... of me. Now, if I... ruined it for you, I will go, little one. I am sorry."

What? She couldn't catch it all. The Intruder was too fast for her to understand. What was he talking about? What kind of answer was that? He was a demon. Trying to confuse her. To get her. He was going to harm her? No? Fun. He said fun. Remember? Yes. And... join. He said 'join,' too. ... Join you... Yes, that's what he said. And... He said that word... Sorry. That English word "sorry." Chianna knew what that one meant. She didn't use it often, but she knew what it meant. So... demon? Maybe. Maybe not. She wasn't sure. She didn't know how she could be sure.

"Stop!" Chianna held out a hand, palm open. Stop? "Stop." She said a little quieter. Stop? "Here." Chianna put her hand on the ground in front of where she was wading. "Come. Come here." What are you doing? Sh. But he is a demon? Sh. I need a closer look.

She put her arms on the surface, keeping the majority of the rest of her body in the water. If she needed to escape, she could not anymore. So what are you doing?

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