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Haha, kinda a three-way conversation between me, Chant and Alexis. I say kinda, cause I had one IM with Chant and a separate with Alexis but occasionally cross-linked them...heh it amused me anyway. :D This is taken from my chat with Chant with the odd insert from Alexis:

Nadya: anyway.....what're you upto?
Chant: eating an ice cream sandwich. alexis has just informed me that when you file your taxes you get MONEY? back
Nadya: really??? wow!
Nadya: I want money!
Chant: move to america!
Nadya: psssh
Nadya: and spend how much cash on the flight over? where would I stay?
Chant: uh duh you can love with me! or alexis! we're both in the south!
Nadya: oh awesome!
*IMs Alexis*
Nadya: haha, she agrees
Nadya: I figure I'll live with whichever of you gives me the biggest incentive
Chant: well...i have a pool. and there's a neighborhood gym
Alexis: LIVE WITH ME! I HAVE A POOL AND BEACH HOUSE! You'll be living in your own little house!
Nadya: can you compete with my own beach house?
Chant: goddamn alexis and her bayou ways! i don't have your own beach house, but we have property in florida we can buld a house on for you! it's on the beach and you can have my dad's speedboat that's at my gram's house
Nadya: build me a house?? that does sound very cool....
Alexis: Yeah, just move in with me. [nods] Chant probably have you in jail in less than a week
Chant: she's right though. but like a true friend...i'd bail you out
Nadya: Alexis, they can build me a house....
Alexis: ....I
Alexis: am
Alexis: cooler
Nadya: hahahahaha
Nadya: I think Chant'd beg to differ

...yes I'm bored, and yes I have no life. Who cares?? *cough*

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