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You all should get the picture by now...people say stupid/amusing/profound things (usually limited to the first two, with the majority in the former), so here's your chance to share it with TPO. I know at my school I overhear plenty of amazingly humorous conversations in the elevators alone, usually involving Uggs. (They're a theme on campus.)

At any rate, post away! Make us laugh. We enjoy that.

Originally Posted by Christine View Post
ME: *trying super hard to open pickle jar in dim lighting*
MY UNCLE: "I thought you were strong, what, you can't open a pickle jar?"
ME: *tries harder* "I can do it!" *wipes hands*
ME: "Grrrrr!"
*pickle jar lid pops up*
ME: *binks*
ME: "um...Uncle Frank?"
MY UNCLE: *turns to look at me* "Yeah?"
ME: "I figured out why the pickle jar was so hard to open." *turns on light, and shows UNCLE the plastic still stuck to the lid*
Oh, and I had something silly to add. I usually don't quote myself on account of my severe lack of humorous anecdotes, but I was having a conversation with three of my friends over lunch, and here was my opening to my topic of discussion:

KT Mae: "Hey guys, funny story. My great-uncle exploded!"

(True statement, by the way.)

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