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I apologise for this madness...that was some stuff cut off from before this that was kinda boring and irrelevant.

Holly: afradi so
Holly: what is that word
Nadya: what word?
Holly: afradi
Nadya: afraid
Holly: lol yip me knows
Holly: was testing
Nadya: psssh whateeeeever
Nadya: you forgot it
Holly: you're smarter than the average hobo
Holly: congrats
Nadya: ha, I'd HOPE so
Holly: ok well don't go overboard
Holly: it's only one correct answer
Nadya: evil woman....*glare*
Nadya: I'm waaaaay smarter than the averahe hobo
Holly: lol so smart you can't spell the word average
Holly: anywho
Nadya: yes I can
Nadya: twas a typo
Holly: i know
Holly: quit hogging me
Holly: let me leave lol
Nadya: pfft you waaant to be hogged
Nadya: you know it's true
Nadya: the pea will never love you the same way I do (reference to Princess and the Pea from earlier on in this convo that I cut out)
Holly: lmfao, hogged sounds like such a dirty fetish
Holly: lol well duh, it's a pea
Holly: i think i might draw a face on it
Nadya: shhh it can hear you
Holly: and name it elvis
Nadya: ahh...awesome
Holly: elvis theodore bamboo
Holly: the third
Nadya: what a hell of a name
Holly: i know :) he likes it
Holly: says it's the best name he ever did have lol
Holly: better than pea number 5,786,4324,2432

So....if you ever question my sanity, we can blame THIS girl entiiiiiiiirely for my lack of it. Ahahahaha.

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