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Me: Don't you just hate it when your body temperature drops so low that you die? Gosh. I hate that...
Cassie: O.o?

Nereliz: I wanna sign your cast!
Me: Who are you again?
Nereliz: Um... I'm Nereliz and I'm in your fourth period.
Me: *ponders* Oh yeah! You're the one who's always acting up and getting on coaches last nerve!
Nereliz: Yes! Yes You know me!
Me: Go ahead and sign I guess.

*While on y walk with my dog*
Airheaded girl that goes to my school who is talking on her phone: Why won't you pick up you're d*** phone? I can't believe you-- Awwwwwww it's a puppy-- won't pick up!

*On the phone with my boyfriend while on my walk*
Neighbor: Do I know you?
Me: I think you're my neighbor.
David: Who me?
Me: *to David* Of course not. I KNOW you're not my neighbor.
David: not yet.
Me: Not yet? Oh, wait, you mean that apartment in New York?
David: No. We're gonna live together in New York.
Phone: *stactic*
David: Did you just say something about "our bedroom"?
Me: Wait? No!
David: Are you sure? I just heard something about a bedroom or our bedroom or something.
Me: nope. Didn't say anything.
David: Okay...?

If I can't hear the music, and the audience is gone,

I'll dance here on my own.

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