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This was on February 29...Leap Day

Me walking into English class with Taylor and Stacey.

Me: *glances up at board* "Today is the day when women propose marriage to men.
Stacey: Geez where's Kasey when you need him.
Taylor (or as I call him Bodin): not here apparently *laughs* geez I'm glad no one's madly in love with me.
Me: *glances at Bodin and smiles* as far as you know.
Taylor: What are you implying?
Me: *kneels down on one knee and grabs his hand* Taylor...on this day...the 29th of February let it be known to the entire English Honors I class that I Haley ask for your hand in marriage. *dramatic pause* Taylor...will you marry me?
Taylor:*lookds surprised then laughs* of course I will...where's my ring?
Me: You don't get a ring.
Taylor: What do I get then?
Sam: You can give him my watch.
Me: You get Sam's watch.

a couple minutes later...

Bethany: Dwane...can I ask you something?
Dwane: Sure what is it?
Bethany: Will you marry me?
Dwane: Sure where's the food.
Bethany: not here.
Dwane: Does that mean I get your watch.
Bethany: sure here *slides watch off wrist then stands up on chair* Ladies and Gentlemen of Mr. Wintermote's English Honors I class...I have an announcement to make...Dwane, Taylor, Haley, and I will be getting married a month from are all invited...but you must pay for our honeymoons...*sits back down when Mr. Witnermote walks in.
Mr. Wintermote: Alright how many weddings do we have coming up then? *Bethan and I raise our hands* two get thirty points extra credit for maminpulating someone into marrying you...

(that was a very interesting English class :D)

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