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Wow, interesting discussion! Hmm . . . let's see . . .

My absolute favourite would have to be the one described by Gaston Leroux, and later by Susan Kay. Following close behind are Lon Chaney (since he was the closest to Leroux, and was brilliant in designing it himself) and most of the ALW stage show versions. In the case of the ALW stage show, though, I find that it tends to vary between the different productions and actors. Sometimes, a production uses the same design on every actor, and it just doesn't look as good (or bad) on someone with a different head shape.

My least favourite, like many of you, would be the one from the 2004 film . . . Julian Sands doesn't count, IMO, since he didn't have a deformity at all. Claude Rains . . . I wasn't fond of it, but at least they gave a plausible reason for it.

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