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Hello! I'm Erika/Patricia Jane, my friends gave me too many names to not forget and that's not a joke. I know you'll love this site, and it's good that you happened to pass by here. Despite my not understanding of RPing here (which actually is amazingly awesome from that Emmy says (phantom's_rose). If you're not into that, well I know that talking off subject is something that people do (Masked Ball). Basically there's something here for everyone :) I think I've posted mainly in the games, Masked Ball, and Persian's Writing, but I hope to see you around the 'block' ahah (new kid on the block...--> block---I hope other get that one...) Anyways :) ENJOY! THIS! SITE!

We were angels once, don't you remember? Joys in life, inside our souls; and nobody knows, just you and me. It's our secret.
And your child-like eyes, and your distant smile; I'll never be this happy again! You and I. And no one else. || Maybe he'll come today. Maybe he came already...
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