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I bragged too soon! Some of the flareup decided to linger. However, I can type again! I've actually been practicing because my fingers aren't used to all this bendy stuff. They've mainly been a bunch of pain-filled sticks, not functioning fingers.

Is anyone still interested in continuing at Dorian's party? I'd be happy to do so!

I don't think I had other stories beyond Easy and his guest at Sanctuary. I definitely hope that's still a go. Oh, yes. Easy also had met Lashell at the bookstore. Were there others?

I'll try very hard to be on-line by tomorrow afternoon. My fingers still stumble, but I'm getting there! And, I have a full bottle of painkillers to get me through rough spots. Hooray! My crazy doctor finally listened to me.

Bye for now! How I hope we can keep TPO active!

Oh! I sold something on eBay, so I could afford to buy a copy of Print Shop that should work on my notebook. *fingers crossed* I'll be able to do banners/signatures and graphics again!

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