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Father once said:
"There are things about your past that you'll want to forget, things that will haunt you. You will try to outrun them, leave them behind locked away and left to the ages this will be your Pandora but like her, sooner or later someone will pick at that lock, let the evils free. It will be then your choice, you will stand at a crossroads will you continue to run or will you face it?"

I thought I had faced my past, beaten my demons and come out the other side I couldn't have been more wrong.

For years those eyes haunted me, the memory of his touch making my skin crawl. He was a nightmare but I thought I had left him, only to see his face again.

It was that painting, dame my mind for going back and dame him for ever making me believe. I can't help but wonder why he's back, why he pretends to be someone he's not....does he know?

I can't tell him, I will NEVER tell him.

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