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So much has happened since my last entry. First and four most my heart has been put on the line. I told him, I told Golden how I fell, that I love him... much good may it do me now.

For years I feared telling people the truth about my life, my past and what was no doubt still looming ahead but I thought, with that now behind me it was safe... what a fool. Safe is a four letter word and we of the press all know that four letter words are nothing but trouble safe, is one of those words that have many meanings.

That night still hunts me, plays over in my head. If only he had said something, anything stead of that cold look within those blue eyes as if I'd killed him, grown a second head... as if he were looking at a stranger, maybe he is.

We hardly say two words to each other, how is that friendship? I feel like I should leave but that is the one thing he tells me not to do with the simple words he does speak.

God, if this is what being safe is like I'd rather go back on the run. At least then I had a fair idea what lay ahead.

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