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(We now jump ahead, to a time were Evea is trying to find her heart. But after so long without love can she dare to dream? Can Golden be the one she loves and what about Evrard?)

Do I dare tell him, do I dare speak those three simple words? (laugh) simple. Simple is not even a word I use anymore.

I've been thinking about it for awhile, my heart won't let me stop but my head... the life I've lived tell me another wise so the question remains.

Love has never been good to me, I look back on those I've had, sheared and lost. Then when I think about... him... I look back through your pages and realize, I haven't even written about HIM.

The very person who touched my heart, work it and made me believe... God, if that what love is I'm better off without it.

But Golden, every time I see him I feel I'm whole again, like nothing else matters and I never laugh more then when I'm with him. Then there's Evrard... I know he can not love but that doesn't stop the feelings that are there with in me. It's different to what I feel for Golden and Evrard knows who I am.

I have a meeting with Golden tonight, up atop the tower, I guess I'll decided then.

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