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Originally posted by The Phantom
We're all really obsessed with Pride and Predjudice.
Wow, that's strange. I may not have been here, but we're all on the same wavelength and that's really scary.

Cell phones? I have a few interesting stories about those. :^D My friends all make fun of me because I keep my phone on vibrate, which it took me a surprisingly long time to understand.

I've never played Zoo Tycoon, but my dad got the complete collection of the Sims, so between school, Sims and breathing, it's hard to find time to do anything.

Thanks for the recap Sam. :^D You rock.

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Psssh, I have no artistic talent like this. It\'s all KT. Except Sam. Sam\'s mom can [s]take the blame[/s] claim credit for her.
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