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Hehe. I like phone calls.

Wow. Today was exciting. So I went to the theatre to work lighting after school today and I had my friend, David's phone in my pocket and I was leaving and I forgot about it but then I found it and ran back and I was in the house and he was up on a ladder on stage and I shouted and the talking went like this:
"David! I have your phone."
"Where was it?"
"In my pants."

People stared at me. It was hilarious.

OH!!! And my conversation with Sam before Zelda joined,

Sam: I have a banana.
Kristi: That's akward.
Sam & Kristi: ::Crack Up::

Those are my stories. Now I'm leaving. Sam you didn't call me at... 3:35 my time. I was VERY sad.

Now, I see, If I wear a mask I can fool the world.

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