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I strongly (strongly!) dislike the character of Raoul...but Patrick did a beautiful job portraying him. I admire and respect him as an actor, and I'll make a point to go see his other films.

I must disagree with my fellow phans Cecile and Carlotta (but good-naturedly, of course!:D) Though it pains me to say this, I think he had one of the strongest voices in the cast (I say it pains me because Raoul just shouldn't have a sexy voice! He's not supposed to be sexy!). He and Christine (Emmy Rossum) are superb singers, as is Gerry...but Gerry is not classically trained, and at some points you can sort of tell. But he still did a fantastic job...Gerry was, in my opinion, the strongest portrayal, acting wise.

Now...back to Patrick Wilson... (sorry, I can get sort of carried away while talking about Gerry...)

Patrick Wilson did very well as the "old childhood friend," and he was convincing as a "hero" figure. Though I hold a major grudge against Raoul himself, I think Patrick is a wonderful actor.


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