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My favorite Christines...well, this will be fun:D

1. Rebecca Caine - a gorgeous, clear, pure soprano that is exactly how I think Christine should sound. Her cadenza is the best I've ever heard and unlike several Christines, instead of scooping and sliding into the notes, she actually HITS them. And she's one of the few people I've heard on a cast recording who sings like they're onstage.

2. Sarah Lawrence - probably the most ELEGANT Christine I've ever heard. She's very mature and proper sounding and it's wonderful. Like Rebecca, she has a very clear voice, like a bell, and she's WONDERFUL at expressing emotion.

3. Celia Graham - my favorite youthful-sounding Christine. Celia has a very light, innocent-sounding voice, quite childish at times, but incredibly lovely. Her vocal chemistry with JOJ is great and she has one of the most unique "Twisted Every Way" I've ever heard.

I would post more, but I think this is long enough as it is. I'll probably talk about more of my favorite Christines in a later post.

It\'s a cast recording, not a soundtrack.;)
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