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I want to try yet again! Perhaps now that we have activity building, we'll be lucky and earn some roses!

Current date: 3/22/2014
Date in exactly three weeks: 4/12/2014
Current post count (including this one): 4,855
50: 4,905 ~ I reached this 3/29! I think all of the posts will qualify.
75: 4,930 ~ I reached this 4/3! Again, I think everything should qualify. Maybe I WILL get to 100!
100: 4,955 ~ I reached this by the wee hours of the morning of 4/10!

I'm going to try, but I'm not sure I'll get past 50 though I would be soooo happy if I could! Is that right: three weeks? // I DID get to my 100-post goal! I will start another round April 13.

PLEASE NOTE: I hope we'll someday be credited for our writing, going quite a way back in the Posting Competition. Is there any moderator who can do this? I know at least one member is hoping to get enough roses for a character's home, but this is the main way to earn roses.

Our bank accounts haven't been credited for such a long time. Could someone help us? We know that life intrudes on more-minor things like RPing and keeping up with the site. I hope it's not being forgotten!

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