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Any BBC watchers here?  Post [1]

Having grown up with BBC, thanks to having an English mum, I wondered if anyone else here watched BBC and what do you watch?

My personal faves have to be Merlin, Robin Hood (Mmm...Richard Armitage), Doctor Who, Vicar of Dibley, Blackadder, Coupling, Green Wing, Lost in Austen, Sherlock and I'm sure there are lots more.

They're actually really good at adaptations of classics. I loved their adaptation of Jane Eyre, North and South was amazing and I was surprised to find their recent rendition of Wuthering Heights wasn't too bad at all and that's a tough book to adapt. Even though I'm not an Austen fan, I quite liked their adaptation of Emma. I hope they do Frankenstein, Hunchback of Notre Dame or even Phantom some time soon.

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